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Start Your Journey At BYP 24/7 Jimboomba

We have the experience, proven success and unparalleled support you need to finally get the results you want.

At BYP 24/7 we are driven by the amazing sense of fulfilment we feel when we help someone achieve their goals and love to see the positive change our members feel in themselves and their bodies.

We know that through our training, nutrition and support - we WILL help you produce significant results, even if you are carrying an injury,  have a health issue or just feel like you 'failed' at other gyms.

Every member of our team is focused on our mission to get people strong, lean, full of confidence and feeling powerful.

As BYP 24/7 founder Ben Harrison says 'If you can conquer strength in the gym you can conquer just about anything else outside of it'.

All It Takes Is The Desire To Start

We'll Support You From There

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We are famous for our Group Training - our fun but intense strength training sessions (over 20 per week) with around 2-15 people where we take you around our phenomenal gym in a closely coached exercise program that’s all about results and hard work.

Training with others in a group is not only way more fun and affordable, but in our experience - the accountability and group support really produces results.


Every session is tailored to give you an individualised, safe and enjoyable experience, and unlike other gyms we do not pack you in like sardines. We provide everything you need in one spot that is much more affordable in comparison to one on one personal training.  That is our difference.

3 Day Guest Pass at BYP 24/7 Gym Jimboomba

Get Your Free 3-Day Guest Pass

Come and check out our gym and use all the facilities at zero cost over 3 days. Valid between the hours of 3pm-7pm weekdays. 

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14 day trial pass at BYP 24/7 Gym Jimboomba

Get Your 14-Day Group Training Pass

Join over 40 coach-led group training sessions over 14 days for just $14! Valid for first time users only and must be used for 14 days in a row.  

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Group challenges at 24/7 gym Jimboomba

We regularly host coach-led challenges to get fast, focused results in a fun and supportive environment. We also offer free trials for non-members such as our current FREE 3-day trial.  Click the button below to find out more about our current challenge.

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Personal Training at 24/7 gym Jimboomba

Your goals, your sessions, your time! With our personal coaching programs, you get custom exercise sessions and nutrition plans, and a personal approach to achieve the results you want. Accountability is the key here and we're with you every step of the way!

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24/7 access to gym Jimboomba

As a member you are able to get access to all equipment and our outdoor training facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perfect to fit into any schedule! We are really proud of our phenomenal facilities with the very best quality machines and weights. 

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"BYP 24/7 is an awesome gym!
The energy and professionalism of the trainers far exceeds those in other gyms I have been a member of.  The community spirit and group sessions are the absolute best!"

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Competitive & Flexible Memberships


$14 - $599 one-off

Various challenges run regularly and typically include the following features:

  • Weigh-Ins & Measurements
  • Group Sessions 
  • Medical Grade Body scans to track results
  • Meal plans and food guides
  • Small groups with limited numbers
  • 24-Hour access to the gym


$57 - $97 weekly

Personalised programs for noticeable changes and results:

  • 2-6 sessions with a highly qualified trainer
  • Feel strong
  • Lose fat
  • Tone up
  • Accountability
  • Customised nutrition plans
  • Be pushed - safely
  • 2-15 people per group max


$19.50 weekly

Full gym membership:

  • 24 access to the gym 7 days per week
  • State of the art equipment and outdoor training facility
  • Competitive weekly price
  • Optional add-on's such as extra PT, custom nutrition plans and custom exercise programs
  • $50 access tag

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New Here?

Try us out for just $14! Join over 40 coach-led group training sessions over 14 days. 

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Hours To Visit?

Want to take a look round before you join? Please stop by any time between 3pm-7pm Monday to Thursday.

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What Facilities Are There?

Click the button below now to see a tour of the gym and all our equipment and machines.

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Don't Know Where To Start?

If you are new here and not sure where to start, don't worry, just book a call with us and we'll get you sorted.

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Location and Contact Details

Address: 14 Euphemia Street, Jimboomba, QLD, 4280

Members: 24 Hours, 7 Days

Walk-Ins: 3pm - 7pm Weekdays

Call us on: (07) 5547 8442

Email us at:

Fat loss and fitness results at BYP 24/7 gym Jimboomba

“*DISCLAIMER | Outcomes may vary | Outcomes are based on individual circumstances |Timeframes for outcomes differ and are not guaranteed |Results happen when communication and work is done. Kick -Start and invest into a better you. The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for working with a qualified professional. We may refer or you to a medical practitioner or other health professional before starting any new exercise / nutrition program.